Photo Set

Today I took Lenny on a walk for about 30 minutes, and it was probably about 90 degrees outside.  She got tired really quickly and kept crashing into people’s yards to get a break.  She’d roll around in the grass and burrow her nose into it…I guess it cooled her off?  

I felt bad for her (she IS an old lady after all), so I picked her up and carried her like a baby for part of the way.  As a side note, I used to be a music therapist and now have lots of random songs in my collection.  That being said, “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” randomly came on my ipod at that exact moment that I started carrying her…SO ridiculous!  It made me laugh a lot, and people driving by were laughing at us too.

At least I got a good laugh and a good workout out of the deal.  I guess it’s time to start looking into doggie strollers.


Lenny could not wait to get outside this morning. So she could sunbathe.


After realizing that I have about 700 photos and videos of my dogs on my phone, I decided to share them.  The Boyfriend and I have two Boston Terriers: Artie, 8 years old, male, and Lenny, 11 years old, female.

They make me laugh every day!